Tågluffare A/W 2018

Tågluffare’, coming from the swedish word for backpacker, is about becoming a home for the oneself in a state of transition. The collection is designed to reflect the relief that follows the upheaval or restlessness which causes a the need to physically and emotionally relocate. The home the vagrant carries upon their back is also armour of protection amidst an ever changing landscape-whether concrete or psychological.  All outfits are designed to have enough storage space to bring all baggage with them. A contrast between leathers and silk represent the armour one must carry as well as the vulnerability we choose to express when we feel safe. Out of necessity, the transient soul must also be soft, pliable to the vulnerabilities and urgency of time.

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Maya Schofield
Christopher K.H.
Maddy Hermans
Tony Graydon
Lukas Daase
Christen Macdonald

Runway MUA:
Evelyn Affleck

Simon Armstrong